• Submit the Title Page and Blinded Manuscript as two (2) separate files.
  • Name the Title Page as follow:
    1. For Proceeding : [PROCEEDING](space)Paper Title(underscore)Author Name e.g : [PROCEEDING] Effect of Digital Media in Local Economy_Endah Triastuti
    2. For Non-Proceeding : [NON-PROCEEDING](space)Paper Title(underscore)Author Name e.g : [NON-PROCEEDING] Effect of Digital Media in Regional Economy_Endah Triastuti
  • Name the Blinded Manuscript as follow:
    1. For Proceeding : [PROCEEDING](space)Paper Title e.g : [PROCEEDING] Effect of Digital Media in Local Economy
    2. For Non-Proceeding : [NON-PROCEEDING](space)Paper Title e.g : [NON-PROCEEDING] Effect of Digital Media in Regional Economy
  • The Title Page should include :
    1. The title (mr./ms./etc),
    2. Authors’ names,
    3. Affiliations,
    4. A complete address for author, corresponding authors or co-author (if any) including telephone and e-mail address, and
    5. A short bio at the end.
  • The Blinded Manuscript should not contain names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript, there are other steps that need to be taken to ensure the manuscript is correctly prepared for double-blind peer review.  To assist with this process the key items that need to be observed are as follows:
    1. Use the third person to refer to work the Authors have previously undertaken, e.g. replace any phrases like “as we have shown before” with “… has been shown before [Anonymous, 2007]”.
    2. Make sure figures do not contain any affiliation related identifier.
    3. Do not eliminate essential self-references or other references but limit self-references only to papers that are relevant for those reviewing the submitted paper.
    4. Cite papers published by the Author in the text as follows:  ‘[Anonymous, 2007]’.
    5. For blinding in the reference list:  ‘[Anonymous 2007] Details omitted for double-blind reviewing.’
    6. Remove references to funding sources.
    7. Do not include acknowledgments Remove any identifying information, including author names, from file names and ensure document properties are also anonymized.
    8. Manuscripts are typed in *.doc/.docx format, single spaced, using Times New Roman font 12.
  • The manuscript should be between:
    1. 5000 words for Proceeding (excl. abstract, reference list, tables/figures, and author’s bio), and
    2. 6000-8000 words for Journal or Book Chapter (excl. abstract, reference list, tables/figures, and author’s bio).
  • No footnotes or endnotes are allowed, and all citations should appear in text using the author – date system.
  • Page numbering should be at the bottom center of each page, without any header/footer.
  • For references, authors are advised to use the Chicago Style (16th ed.) or the APA Style (6th ed.).
Click Here to Download Template for Submission to Proceeding : CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (Revised July, 2019)
Click Here to Download Sample for Submission to NonProceeding : CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (Revised July, 2019)

Authors are responsible for ensuring the originality of the content of their paper, and shall avoid plagiarism at all time.
Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in rejection.

Only papers that meet the requirements of the guidelines will be given presentation slots, which will be posted on the program.
Another selection process involving publisher’s editors or journals editors will take place separately, and authors whose papers are selected will be contacted by the Committee at a later date.